Digital information is becoming increasingly important to law enforcement.  RMS, CAD, LPR, body camera video, cell phone forensics, mug shots,  digital crime scene photos, email boxes, and file archives are just a few of the data sources that must be managed, searched, and analyzed in a modern police department.  While there are many solutions that address a particular type of information, too often police personnel are left struggling to access 5 or 10 different internal systems just to piece together the information they need for one investigation or analyst report.

“Enterprise search” describes a suite of technologies designed to address this problem. As defined by Wikipedia, enterprise search is “the organized retrieval of structured and unstructured data within an organization.”  When searching for critical information, you want to be able to find and analyze it no matter where it lives in your agency.  And yet, most law enforcement software on the market today can only reach into one slice of data.

With Lumen, we’ve worked hard to implement an enterprise search and analytics platform specifically designed for the needs of law enforcement.  That means it is a secure, CJIS-compliant product inside and out.  It is fast; results appear in a fraction of a second.  And it is easy to get started, with minimal IT requirements and an intuitive interface.  If Lumen sounds like a solution that your agency needs, contact us today!