Lumen Analytics Training Webinar- June 22nd 10am MDT

Please join us for our monthly Lumen Training Webinar on June 22nd at 10am MDT. This month, we’ll be discussing the analytics tools in Lumen Desktop. We’ll walk through temporal, field value, tabular, and spatial analytics to show you how you can easily identify trends and patterns using any information in your data, without being restricted to canned reports.

Space is limited, so register here today:

Lumen Training Webinar- April 20th at 10am MDT

Numerica will be hosting this month’s Lumen training webinar on April 20th at 10am MDT. Click here to register and find meeting login info:
We’ll be providing an overview of:

  • New Lumen Mobile: Learn how to use the brand new mobile interface to very quickly and easily find people, vehicles, locations, and associated entities for each.
  • New Photo Lineup Tool: Search for people by physical descriptions, open full-size mugshot images, and easily create photo lineups from Lumen’s desktop interface.
  • Lumen Dashboard: Learn how to use the Lumen dashboard to save and share searches and analytics, receive alerts when new records are available, and use tags to save groups of records together.