Innovation for the most challenging environments.

Numerica has been developing state-of-the-art multi-target tracking solutions since its inception in 1996. Numerica’s patented optimization-based approach to multiple hypothesis target tracking, entitled Multiple Frame Assignment (MFA), delivers robust real-time performance in stressful scenarios. Numerica’s MFA approach reduces data association errors compared to conventional tracking techniques. Numerica’s tracking approach can also ingest both measurement data and track reports while scaling efficiently from one to many sensors and very large track loads. By associating and fusing sensor data with a common origin, we can produce a composite track picture that is superior to any constituent sensor picture. Furthermore, Numerica’s tracking technology can be used to maintain a common track picture across a distributed network of platforms. Our model-based tracking software has been extended to many sensor types, such as radar and EO/IR, and numerous target types, such as air-breathing targets, ballistic missiles, ground targets, and surface ships.