Space Domain Awareness

What we offer for Space Domain Awareness

Numerica provides high-quality observational data, data products, and state-of-the-art software solutions that inform operator action to help protect government and commercial satellites from hazards and threats. Space Domain Awareness (SDA) involves the detection, tracking, identification and characterization of all Earth-orbiting objects, and the prediction of events, threats and activities in space. To help address these needs, Numerica has combined advanced algorithms and high-performance software with the deployment of a robust worldwide telescope network to offer a complete deep-space surveillance service. In addition, our modular data processing software suite can be integrated with other independent ground- and space-based systems to enable or enhance their contribution to the security of commercial and government interests in space. We are committed to the success of our Space Domain Awareness customers and provide custom research and development services to meet the unique requirements of each system we support.

Space Defense

MFAST (Multiple Frame Assignment Space Tracker)

Numerica’s MFAST software provides a real-time multi-sensor tracking solution for space surveillance supporting UCT resolution, breakup and closely-spaced-object processing, and catalog maintenance.

  • Tracks objects in all regimes of space (e.g., LEO, MEO, HEO, GEO) using radar, passive RF, ground-based optical, and space-based optical sensors.
  • Hardened on a wide range of real-world and simulated datasets, and externally validated for both UCT and breakup processing.
  • High-performance customized astrodynamics and multi-hypothesis algorithms provide scalability and highly-accurate, real-time orbits.
  • Advanced physics-based complexity reduction methods allow MFAST to be run on most platform and hardware setups, including laptops.

Numerica Telescope Network

Numerica has combined advanced algorithms, high-performance software, and a newly-designed and deployed global telescope network to demonstrate a responsive commercial deep-space tracking system.

  • Complete global coverage of GEO, HEO, and MEO.
  • Persistent nightly coverage of GEO and near-GEO.
  • Best-of-breed uncorrelated track processing.
  • Operationally-viable data and information products.
  • Daytime ground-based optical tracking for up to 24/7 custody


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We provide the advanced algorithms, systems engineering and integration, software development and data analysis necessary to ensure our customers achieve mission success in this high-stakes domain.

Critical Support for Satellite Operators

Improve your orbit determination and broaden your space neighborhood watch by partnering with Numerica’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) team and the Numerica Telescope Network.

  • Improved positional data
  • Near real-time high-accuracy conjunction warnings
  • Maneuver efficiency / fuel savings
  • Fewer ranging contacts
  • Neighborhood watch


Research and Development

Custom services leveraging unique mathematical, engineering, and computer science expertise to solve the most challenging problems.

  • Tracking and Data Fusion
  • Sensor Resource Management
  • Battle Management
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Commercial Integration & Development Services

Technical Papers & Patents

Read some of our peer-reviewed papers to see why we’re regarded as thought leaders in air defense, missile defense and space domain awareness.


Tracking & Data Fusion

Tracking and Data Fusion

Numerica’s patented optimization-based approach to multiple hypothesis target tracking, entitled Multiple Frame Assignment (MFA), delivers robust real-time performance in stressful scenarios

Positioning, Navigation and Timing Technology

Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) is a critical capability to the United States military, government services, and commercial sector.

Resource Management Technology

Resource Management

Numerica has worked in the area of resource management (i.e., sensor management and battle management) for over a decade.