SDA Support for Satellite Operators

Numerica SDA Services Provide Critical Support to Satellite Operators

Satellite Operators Systems Control Room

Improve your orbit determination and broaden your space neighborhood watch by partnering with Numerica’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA) team and the Numerica Telescope Network. With high-accuracy ephemerides, anomaly resolution support, and space traffic monitoring in the vicinity of your satellites, we provide elevated tasking to our network to produce high-accuracy conjunction warnings and other alerts.

Driven by our advanced algorithms and a geographically diverse global network of taskable telescopes, Numerica has built a fully-integrated and highly-responsive SDA data collection, processing, and decision support system for space operators.

With solutions deployed in some of the most critical defense systems in the world, Numerica offers strategic partnerships with commercial and government satellite operators to help improve and protect space mission operations.

Benefits include:

  • Improved positional data
  • Near real-time high-accuracy conjunction warnings
  • Maneuver efficiency / fuel savings
  • Fewer ranging contacts
  • Neighborhood watch

Contact us to learn more

Email our team at sda [at] or call (970) 207-2200 to learn how our SDA services provide critical support to satellite operators.

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