PROact Unveiled at IACP Innovation Theater

The 2015 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference’s Innovation Theater provided the forum for a captivating presentation on what’s possible in the field of coordinated patrol operations using innovative technology. Deputy Chief Ed Brady of Arvada PD, and Numerica’s VP of Integrated Defense Systems, Shawn Herman, spoke to a max capacity audience of law enforcement professionals and technology enthusiasts alike on the topic of, “Demand Modeling and Patrol Planning for Optimal Resource Allocation.”

The presentation covered not only the technology itself, but also emphasized the value of collaboration between law enforcement and industry. This type of collaboration can shape the development of technology that can make a meaningful, positive impact in public safety.

By leveraging our expertise in data science and collaborating closely with law enforcement, PROact was born, and was on display for the first time at IACP. PROact offers real-time, data-driven, strategic patrol coordination capabilities based on high-fidelity demand models. It’s a true testament to the power of collaboration for innovation, and another step forward for transformational law enforcement technology.