Numerica – Our Story


Driven by a pioneering spirit and an unwavering focus on our customers’ success, we deploy best-in-class
technology that solves some of the nation’s greatest defense challenges.


Bring Your Impossible

Simply stated, we are energized by the prospect of a difficult technical problem, especially when people say it can’t be done. As Numericans, we take on some of the nation’s greatest challenges related to air defense and missile defense. When many others throw in the towel, we roll up our sleeves to get the job done. We thrive when we are counted on most.

Numerica core technologies
Aubrey Poore Patent

Science Matters at Numerica

With our deep roots in academia, it’s in our DNA to work on the hard things and we aim to surpass expectations. In the late 1980s, IBM approached Colorado State University’s applied mathematics professor, Aubrey B. Poore, with a daunting problem in target tracking. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it was thrilling. With a desire to transition technology to real-world applications, Aubrey founded Numerica in 1996. Walk the halls at Numerica and you’ll still see an unmistakable pioneering spirit – it’s in our DNA.

Advancing Defense Technology

Since Numerica’s inception, we’ve been solving problems and hiring the best and brightest as we’ve evolved from an R&D company to one with a portfolio of impactful products and services. Our solutions are deployed in some of the most critical defense systems around the world. New threats require new thinking – and what is the status quo today won’t likely solve tomorrow’s problems. Whether we’re preparing to deal with advanced threats in air and missile defense or developing novel sensor capabilities, we focus on solving our customers’ top priorities.

Numerica solving defense challenges
Numerica Team Strategy Session

Best-in-Class Technology

We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

We know our customers and employees have choices. Some lean towards large companies based on brand name or employee count, but we’ve found they are often restricted by bureaucracy and budgets. Others are wooed by the latest venture-backed startup, but with investors lacking industry knowledge, they can be here today and gone tomorrow. At Numerica, we value our fierce independence as a privately-owned company. To us, this means paying our own way and leveraging our creative freedom to solve complex problems to benefit customers.

Working with Integrity

We have integrity. If we say it can be done, it will. If there are obstacles in our way, we’ll tell you those too. We work to uncover your true needs and develop a solution that will move the needle for you and our country. Honesty with our customers and partners is at the core of what we do – after all, we know you are counting on us.

Numerica Integrity

Life at Numerica

At Numerica, you immediately become part of a dynamic and evolving organization where your work truly matters. From research scientists, to software engineers, to business operations positions, Numericans come from a variety of backgrounds and are given opportunities daily for creative input, autonomy, mentorship and cross-team collaboration.



We value exceptional talent, technical achievement, and business results

Customer Success

We value efforts that promote the success of our customers


We value a pioneering mindset in products, services and business operations


We value honesty with our customers and employees


We value highly collaborative and agile teams with the grit needed to succeed


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