Numerica was recently awarded a contract to deliver a public safety data warehouse and information sharing solution to the Colorado Information Sharing Consortium’s (CISC) 55 police departments, sheriff’s offices, and state level agencies. The Regional Data Warehouse (RDW) provides a centralized state-of-the-art data repository that serves as the foundation of law enforcement and public safety information sharing and analysis.

“The Numerica data warehouse delivers the security, control and flexibility needed to effectively share and analyze all types of information among CISC member agencies,” said David Shipley, CISC Manager.  “The era of closed, proprietary systems dictating how agencies can interpret and share their own data is now over.”

RDW is designed to support the demanding data needs of modern public safety.  It can integrate data from virtually any electronic source, including records management systems and jail management systems, license plate readers, court and offender management systems, and many other data sources.  The system supports a vendor-agnostic interface to allow public safety agencies to connect multiple analytics and search systems into the RDW’s single data platform.  RDW is a secure and flexible solution that can meet the data sharing needs of public safety organizations now and into the future.

“We built RDW to promote a data advantage for public safety organizations and to reduce the headaches that have traditionally come with the management of so many different IT systems and proprietary data,” said Jeff Poore, President of Numerica. “The data in RDW is owned by the customers. We are here to help them use their data as effectively as possible to improve public safety.”

RDW is a scalable solution designed for regional data sharing initiatives servicing anywhere from tens to hundreds of agencies.   Agencies seeking to improve data sharing capabilities, or replace cumbersome and expensive legacy solutions, are turning to RDW to meet their expanding data sharing needs.    Visit for more information.

Since 1996, Northern Colorado-based Numerica Corporation has been a research and development small business leader solving some of the world’s most challenging information science problems. Our team of world class scientist, engineers and business professionals develop advanced mathematical algorithms and software for tracking targets, fusing data, managing uncertainty, optimizing operations, and integrating networks. Numerica’s technology solutions translate complex data streams into real-time, actionable information for U.S. Department of Defense agencies, NASA, law enforcement, and commercial customers. Numerica provides state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of air defense, missile defense, space situational awareness, cyber security, intelligence, and law enforcement.  Numerica’s public safety products include Lumen, CJISvault, PROact, and RDW.  Visit for more information.

The CISC is a legal entity created to help its 55 member law enforcement agencies share and analyze huge amounts of data.  Supported by Colorado’s largest agencies, the CISC provides three key services.  First, it provides secure and reliable data storage.  Second, to help agencies share and make sense of the data, it facilitates affordable access to outstanding data analysis software.   Finally, the CISC connects Colorado agencies with others nationally to share data, promote greater agency effectiveness and make safer communities possible.