Missile Defense


Numerica provides advanced algorithms to address critical needs of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). The BMDS contains a diverse set of distributed sensors to detect and track complex and evolving threats. The data from these sensors must be associated and fused to provide an integrated picture of the threat environment that best supports successful threat engagement.

That’s where Numerica comes in – our technology operates at the very heart of the BMDS, leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms in estimation, probability, optimization and multi-sensor/multi-target tracking theory.

In addition to its currently deployed solutions, Numerica continually innovates to address emerging challenges in tracking, sensor resource management, and battle management by bringing to bear new ideas from information science that advance the frontier of what is achievable in ballistic missile defense. We are committed to the success of our Missile Defense customers and provide custom research and development services to meet the unique requirements of each system we support.

Missile Defense

Sensor Resource Manager

Dynamic optimization-based control for enhanced sensor tasking.

  • Flexible approach applies to a variety of sensing systems: radar, infrared, and visual-light telescopes are among the sensors readily supported.
  • Hierarchical design allows for modeling network architecture: for distributed networks of sensors, split-level optimization delivers high performance tasking solutions even when sensors may not be time-synchronized.
  • Operator interaction is fully supported: the resource manager honors an operator’s prioritization of any particular sensing tasks.
  • Mathematically rigorous, yet efficient implementation rapidly optimizes tasking for large networks of sensors in real-time.


Real-time correlation and fusion of measurement and track data for superior situational awareness in benign and electronic attack environments.

  • Integrates all data sources into one track file, minimizing dual tracks, swaps and spurious tracks.
  • Supports most radars, including primary and secondary surveillance, 3D air defense and approach radars.
  • Easily scales up from one sensor to many sensors and very large track loads.
  • High-performance, multi-hypothesis algorithms provide highly accurate, real-time integrated track outputs.
  • Adaptable architecture can be expanded through add-on modules that provide enhanced capabilities for diverse missions and use cases.

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We provide the advanced algorithms, systems engineering and integration, software development and data analysis necessary to ensure our customers achieve mission success in this high-stakes domain.

Battle Manager

Real-time, optimization-based planning and re-tasking for robust engagement execution.

  • Uses state-of-the-art techniques in combinatorial optimization to quickly arrive at optimal battle plans.
  • Battle plans are generated in real time and are dynamically updated as new information arrives and new threats are detected.
  • Incorporates accurate physical models for sensors, ballistic missile flight trajectories, and interceptor guidance models.
  • Addresses uncertainties in the underlying optimization problem to ensure a robust solution.
  • Considers the unique capabilities of each asset to synergistically achieve the best global solution.

Ballistic Missile Launch Event Associator

Advanced launch event association for accurate threat assessment.

  • Numerica’s BMD Launch Event Associator (BLEA) provides critical situational awareness during a ballistic missile attack.
  • BLEA efficiently separates tracks into launch families, where each family contains all objects spawned by a single corresponding launch event.
  • BLEA can handle tracks in all phases of flight (e.g., boost, midcourse, and reentry).
  • BLEA can handle tracks from all ranges of ballistic missile flight (i.e., TBMs to ICBMs)
  • BLEA was designed to operate robustly, even when ingesting tracks from closely spaced launches.

Research and Development

Custom services leveraging unique mathematical, engineering, and computer science expertise to solve the most challenging problems.

  • Tracking and Data Fusion
  • Sensor Resource Management
  • Battle Management
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Commercial Integration & Development Services

Ballistic Missile Defense


Resource Management Technology

Resource Management

Numerica has worked in the area of resource management (i.e., sensor management and battle management) for over a decade.

Positioning, Navigation and Timing Technology

Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) is a critical capability to the United States military, government services, and commercial sector.

Tracking & Data Fusion

Tracking and Data Fusion

Numerica’s patented optimization-based approach to multiple hypothesis target tracking, entitled Multiple Frame Assignment (MFA), delivers robust real-time performance in stressful scenarios

Technical Papers & Patents

Read some of our peer-reviewed papers to see why we’re regarded as thought leaders in air defense & missile defense.