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C-AUDS Operator Station

MIMIR™ is a command and control software suite enabling rapid and effective integration of sensors and defense capabilities for short range surveillance, reconnaissance, and threat mitigation.

Access our proven data fusion and target tracking technology to ensure you get the most from your sensors.

Do more in less time with MIMIR’s™ intuitive user interface and intelligent automations.

Leverage a deep history of innovation in air and missile defense through our customization and support services.

Benefits include:

  • Intuitive and Flexible User Interface: Improve operator command of the situation in complex and dynamic environments.
  • Rapid Integration of New Capabilities: Adapt faster than the threat, bringing new sensors and effectors to bear with ease.
  • Proven Data Fusion Capability: Achieve true integration, gain a holistic view not just bits of information.
  • Distributed Operations: Leverage wide area and multi-system C2 for layered defense applications.
Numerica MIMIR Tracking Software

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Numerica MIMIR Radar Software
Numerica MIMIR Radar Software


Countering UAS Threats

C-UAS Companies, Liteye Systems, Numerica Corporation and Citadel Defense, Layer Technologies to Provide Powerful Solution

Liteye Systems Announces New Product

Working closely in partnership with Numerica, SIGNUM builds upon the backbone developed for the combat proven AUDS CUAS system.

Liteye Expands their Counter UAS Layered Approach with Raytheon

Liteye’s US AUDS (Anti UAS Defense System) is a combat proven Counter UAS solution with multiple layered technologies to detect, track, identify and defeat malicious threats.

MIMIR™ Updates 2.3

Coming Soon for software releases and new capabilities.

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