Offender-based policing has been shown to be an effective strategy for crime reduction across the country.  However, a key challenge in such efforts is the problem of identifying which offenders should be targeted for intervention or proactive policing outreach.  Scoring and ranking offenders usually requires extensive manual collation and calculation using databases and spreadsheets.  Because of the labor required to create and maintain an offender ranking and scoring system, the information is often out of date as well.

The Lumen Dynamic Scoring Agent is designed to solve this problem.  It automatically scores and ranks offenders based on their past involvements in events, using live data that is updated continuously.   The results are efficiently scored and ranked at query time so that the user can see the most up to date information on demand.

A significant benefit of the Dynamic Scoring Agent is that the scoring algorithm allows users to incorporate their own preferences at query time, so that the scored and ranked results reflect those user preferences.  This means that the particular crimes of interest to an agency or an individual can be selected and used in the ranking criteria dynamically – the user is not limited to a “canned” ranking that cannot be changed or edited.  For example, a single agency can easily produce separate lists of violent offenders, property crime offenders, and motor vehicle theft offenders (and more) and keep those lists up to date with minimal effort.

Furthermore, offender involvements across disparate data sources from multiple agencies are integrated on the fly, so that the user gets a complete awareness of offender scores and activities, regardless of how many data sources or jurisdictions are involved.  By automatically correlating offender and event data across multiple data sources, the Dynamic Scoring Agent dramatically reduces the time required to produce a top offender list.

Once a ranked and scored list is created, the Dynamic Scoring Agent automatically keeps the list up to date and allows users to see new activity for any offender on the list.  This enables agency-wide offender-based policing strategies to efficiently monitor and adapt as new information becomes available.

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