Digital media storage is becoming an increasing issue for police.  Crime scene photos, video footage, cell phone forensics, and other sources are combining to create an overwhelming amount of data to be stored and managed.  So we’re very excited to offer a new product called CJISvault.  What is CJISvault?  It is a fully CJIS-compliant, cloud-based system for managing and storing law enforcement-sensitive digital media.  You can use CJISvault to store a wide variety of media, from photos to video to interview audio, or even 3D lidar scans of a crime scene.  Unlike competing solutions, CJISvault is priced based only on how much storage space you actually use – so there’s no cost for unused capacity.  And we don’t charge per user fees, either.

Finally, CJISvault integrates closely with Lumen.  That way, if you need to search and analyze all of your data, including CAD, RMS, LPR, Intel, and digital media, you can do it from one clean, simple portal.   Contact us to learn more!