In this Lumen blog, the crime analysis software experts at Numerica would like to start with a quote from Lumen user and Arvada Police Department Chief of Police Don Wick:

“Lumen is fast and easy to use. Our department has successfully used Lumen on our computers in our patrol cars as well as on our mobile phones. We are able to share data, including narratives, with other agencies, and Lumen is valuable for all levels of the organization. The staff supporting Lumen is top notch. From a simple question about query design, to a complex data configuration change, it is a pleasure to work with the Lumen support team. I appreciate that they actually listen to our suggestions and concerns on how to improve the user experience. We have experienced rapid turnaround on our requests and the Lumen staff shares improvements with other user agencies. The Lumen staff understand the high standards and unique needs of law enforcement and are able to deliver a product that has benefits for all agency personnel.”

What can we say that Chief Wick didn’t already cover? Lumen is easy to use, easy to customize, accessible, and secure. Let’s break this down a bit more, showing you how commanders, patrol officers, and law enforcement officials from top to bottom can take advantage of Lumen to bring safety and justice to their communities.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Briefings

Police commanders are the fearless, pragmatic leaders of any law enforcement agency—while patrol officers are out in the field, commanders are responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and taking on big-picture initiatives that fix widespread community problems. But there’s a huge difference between what is a community problem and what is perceived as a community problem.

Data drives action—it goes beyond empirical evidence, and provides more concrete and reliable information from which commanders and other law enforcement agency team members can create meaningful policing initiatives. It’s important for identifying problems that don’t necessarily reveal themselves in the field, and it helps commanders give data-driven briefings that are more meaningful to the officers who carry out initiatives on a daily basis.

Numbers don’t lie—giving these numbers context and organizing them in a way that is meaningful and useful is the real challenge. That’s where Lumen can help. Lumen compiles crucial law enforcement data from multiple databases across multiple jurisdictions, giving law enforcement agencies the big-picture information they need, and empowering commanders to lead with data-driven ideas and action.

Monitoring Results of Key Initiatives

Lumen helps commanders and officers take action—but it also helps them follow through on that action as well. Initiatives are nothing without tangible results, and that’s where Lumen comes in handy. Use real-time data and advanced analytics to monitor the progress of your initiatives, and make adjustments on-the-fly for more effective policing. Analyze the past, set achievable goals for the future, and keep your finger on the pulse in the present moment—that’s how law enforcement agencies stay effective in a fast-paced, data-driven age.

Increasing Operational Effectiveness

The general public (and even people inside your own agency) may never understand how effective your agency really is—unless you have numbers to back up your hard work. Crime analysis software doesn’t just help you increase your operational effectiveness—it gives you the data to prove it.

Don’t just take our word for it—and don’t just take the word of Chief Wick. Experience Lumen for yourself today.