Everything You Should Know About CJISVault

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly generating massive amounts of digital media (body-worn camera and dash-cam videos, crime scene photos, audio recordings, and various other digital media files) and require secure, cost-effective ways to store and manage that information. But with such a huge volume of data that’s usually sensitive or classified, it can be difficult for law enforcement agencies to keep these media files secure, but accessible in a way that promotes agency efficiency and productivity—until now.

Numerica has released CJISvault, a CJIS-compliant, hosted storage solution for the most important digital media files law enforcement agencies need to manage on daily basis. In this blog, Numerica will guide you through what CJISvault is, how it works, and how it can help law enforcement agencies handle the massive influx of digital data.

What is CJISvault?

CJISvault is a CJIS-compliant, hosted storage solution equipped to handle the most sensitive law enforcement agency content, such as digital crime scene photos, police body camera footage, surveillance videos, and other related media materials—all accessible through a simple and secure web-based interface. All data is encrypted, highly redundant, and easily accessible and shareable, so law enforcement agencies can access and share important files quickly and securely.

What Is CJISvault Capable Of?

CJISvault has unparalleled power and ability to keep your data safe and secure, while also making it easily accessible and shareable. CJISvault can:

  • Upload and access data quickly and easily using a web browser
  • Integrate digital media with RMS, CAD, and other data for one-click search and access to all relevant information through an integration with Lumen
  • Utilize digital hashing to ensure data integrity
  • Easily share selected files with outside law enforcement agencies and DA offices
  • Watermark images to prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive materials
  • View detailed audit logs to see what/when employees are accessing data

How Secure Is CJISvault?

CJISvault is a fully CJIS-compliant solution. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with FBI-approved technology, subject to NIST-approved digital hashing, and stored in the continental United States. Ultimately, you have complete control over who has access to your data, whether they are inside or outside your agency.

CJISvault is also backed by a highly reliable data storage subsystem that is SOC3 and ISO27001 compliant, and data is stored throughout multiple physical data centers across the country.

Is CJISvault Compatible With Lumen?

CJISvault is tightly integrated with Lumen to ensure all of your digital media is directly accessible through the Lumen platform. Any case files or other media is integrated with your RMS data  in a single interface, so you can make data-driven decisions and access information about a case as efficiently as possible. That’s how law enforcement agencies work smarter and faster.

Try CJISvault

CJISvault is designed to be a powerful, yet cost-effective digital media storage and management solution. No per-user fees here—law enforcement agencies only pay for what they use. Plus, the setup process is fast and easy. Along with Lumen, CJISvault is a useful asset for any member of any law enforcement agency. Learn more about CJISvault—get in touch with Numerica today.