Case Study: How the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Used Lumen to Implement an Intelligence-Led Approach to Policing to Reduce Preventable Crime by 31% in High-Crime Areas.



The Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office was experiencing a marked increase in crime, particularly in the areas of property crime, homicide, and sexual assault. The office also recognized that there was a significant gap between the data contained in its information management system and the information that was readily available to its deputies on the street.


  • Increase the use of crime-related data
  • Change the way the office was visualizing criminal activity
  • Track criminals (and the crimes they commit) as they travel from jurisdiction to jurisdiction


  • Used modern web technology to bring all of the office’s data sources into a single, integrated system
  • Offered Lumen mobile and desktop applications to make crime-related data searchable, readily accessible, and easy to use
  • Changed the way the office was looking at criminal activity by enabling it to track and overlay data, identify trends and “hot spots” for criminal activity, and track criminal movement


  • Drove the office’s response to crime by allowing it to shift to a more intelligence-led approach to policing, which allowed patrols to connect data to crimes and gather information in real-time
  • Produced a 31% reduction in property crime in high-crime areas
  • Reduced calls for service, enabling the office to give more attention and staffing to geographic areas in which criminal activity was the highest

“Lumen has fundamentally changed our Sheriff’s Office and the way we look at crime.”
“Lumen has driven our response to crime, revolutionizing the way we handle day-to-day activities.”

-Sheriff Matt Lewis