Ever heard the term “data silo”? Even if you haven’t, you probably know what they are. In law enforcement today, data silos are everywhere. CAD, RMS, JMS, Evidence management, LPR, bulletins, and other data sources are usually accessed through separate applications. Trying to quickly find information on a person, vehicle, or location of interest can be a frustrating experience. Even worse, it can lead to reductions in officer safety.

Indeed, in 2016, the Department of Justice and the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund found that, for officers responding to calls, lack of information is a major factor contributing to officer fatalities, and that

better information regarding the location and its call history, as well as any other details of the call, must be made readily available.”

In many cases, agencies already have the data they need to improve officer safety, they just can’t get to it.

Lumen helps you break down those data silos. With an intuitive mobile interface, it can put critical information in officers’ hands when and where they need it. Dispatchers can quickly look up relevant data from multiple sources with a single search, and feed that to officers before they arrive on scene.  Contact us to learn more.