Body cameras: how expensive does storage have to be?

Body camera vendors are experiencing explosive growth in demand.  There’s no doubt that these small cameras can make a big difference in reducing issues related to interactions between police officers and the public.  But what is the true cost of body camera storage?  As noted recently on, some agencies are facing multimillion dollar annual bills just for storing and managing the videos.

That’s one of the reasons we introduced CJISvault.  We think that reliable, CJIS-compliant cloud storage of body camera videos, crime scene photos, and other electronic evidence doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Not only that, we also believe that critical data such as body camera videos shouldn’t be siloed inside yet another system.  Law enforcement agencies will get a lot more value out of their videos and photos if they can directly integrate them with RMS, CAD, and other data through Lumen, creating a user-friendly “one stop shop” for all of your data.  For less than the price of just storing your data with one of the big name body camera vendors, you can store your data securely in CJISvault and get the full-text search and powerful analytics of Lumen.  Interested?  Contact us for more details.