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Denver Police Department Signs Enterprise Agreement for Lumen Software

The Denver Police Department has signed an enterprise-wide upgrade of Lumen – a state-of-the-art data sharing software that combines access to real-time data with advanced analytics – to enhance data-driven law enforcement activities for more effective policing. Developed by Colorado-based Numerica Corporation, Lumen enables the entire Denver Police Department, including more than 1,400 sworn officers […]

Five-year Larimer County Strategic Plan Goals Accomplished

We’re very proud to have assisted Larimer County achieve Goal 1, Objective 1 of their five-year strategic plan ahead of schedule and under budget. Read the full story here: https://www.larimer.org/spotlights/2018/02/01/five-year-larimer-county-strategic-plan-goals-accomplished

How Crime Analysis Software Helps Analysts

In this Lumen blog, let’s hear from a crime analyst working on a difficult case and a search for critical connective information: “We were working on a domestic violence case with a stolen handgun. According to the victim, the suspect put the stolen handgun in the victim’s mouth and pulled the trigger, but luckily, the […]

How Crime Analysis Software Helps Commanders

In this Lumen blog, the crime analysis software experts at Numerica would like to start with a quote from Lumen user and Arvada Police Department Chief of Police Don Wick: “Lumen is fast and easy to use. Our department has successfully used Lumen on our computers in our patrol cars as well as on our […]

How Crime Analysis Software Helps Investigators

In today’s blog, the crime analysis software specialists at Numerica would like to start off with a quote from a law enforcement investigator who uses our Lumen software platform: “I was working a graffiti case where the same tag had been seen repeatedly across the city. With Lumen, I was able to do a search […]

Everything You Should Know About CJISVault

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly generating massive amounts of digital media (body-worn camera and dash-cam videos, crime scene photos, audio recordings, and various other digital media files) and require secure, cost-effective ways to store and manage that information. But with such a huge volume of data that’s usually sensitive or classified, it can be difficult […]

Everything You Need to Know About Lumen

Numerica is dedicated to advancing the science of information and solving technological challenges for our defense and law enforcement customers—that’s why we work closely with those customers to develop innovative software solutions to support the mission of improving public safety in our communities.   We are passionate about helping law enforcement agencies across the country […]

Break down data silos to improve officer safety.

Ever heard the term “data silo”? Even if you haven’t, you probably know what they are. In law enforcement today, data silos are everywhere. CAD, RMS, JMS, Evidence management, LPR, bulletins, and other data sources are usually accessed through separate applications. Trying to quickly find information on a person, vehicle, or location of interest can […]

Lumen Analytics Training Webinar- June 22nd 10am MDT

Please join us for our monthly Lumen Training Webinar on June 22nd at 10am MDT. This month, we’ll be discussing the analytics tools in Lumen Desktop. We’ll walk through temporal, field value, tabular, and spatial analytics to show you how you can easily identify trends and patterns using any information in your data, without being […]