How Crime Analysis Software Helps Investigators

In today’s blog, the crime analysis software specialists at Numerica would like to start off with a quote from a law enforcement investigator who uses our Lumen software platform:

“I was working a graffiti case where the same tag had been seen repeatedly across the city. With Lumen, I was able to do a search for the tag and instantly see all of the incidents where it showed up. Reading through the results in Lumen, I figured out that an officer on an unrelated case had actually made contact with what was most likely our guy—his roommate mentioned that he was a tagger and even told the officer his tag. With that one search, we were able to close 36 cases. I even called up two other agencies whose cases showed up in my Lumen search and they were able to close out their cases also. This would have been impossible without Lumen.”

36 cases closed, all because of the power of organized, accessible data. That speaks to the effectiveness of Lumen and the importance of data organization and compilation in law enforcement investigations. Let’s dive deeper into data’s role in the law enforcement world.

You can find critical info instantly.

Lumen is a web-based platform—it can be accessed through any internet-connected device in a safe and secure manner. That means investigators have access to information that updates in near real time—so they’re always able to make critical connections and provide other law enforcement team members with the most relevant and up-to-date information at a moment’s notice.

You can make connections across jurisdictions.

As law enforcement officials, you know better than we do that crimes don’t happen in a vacuum. They happen across neighborhoods, townships, cities, counties, and states—and with law enforcement officers across the country working hard to prevent crime and protect the general public, you never know when you’ll need information from different jurisdictions to be able to connect the dots.

Lumen compiles data from multiple local, regional, and national law enforcement databases and brings that data together in a user-friendly interface— so you can make critical connections and groundbreaking discoveries during ongoing investigations. Case closed.

It’s accessible from all levels of an agency.

Investigative power doesn’t come from a single person—even Sherlock Holmes had Watson (he wouldn’t have survived without him). When the best investigative brains on your team come together, they can perform excellent analysis, make critical connections, and most importantly, close cases quickly and easily. With Lumen, your most talented and dedicated team members can have access to the most important law enforcement databases at critical times, no matter where they’re located. Investigators can work together by looking at the same data at the same time to draw critical conclusions, and organize data in a way that provides useful context.

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