Numerica deploys best-in-class technology solving some of our country’s greatest defense challenges in the areas of air, missile and space defense. Founded in 1996 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Numerica is team of high impact scientists, engineers and business professionals driven by mission success. The company’s market leading technologies deliver precision domain awareness in space, provide advanced surveillance for critical air defense missions, and ensure the safety of our homeland through our country’s missile defense systems.

Air Defense

Numerica has developed and refined its novel sensor capabilities and fusion technologies for high-performance command and control systems that inform operators with clear insight. Supporting a wide variety of sensors, Numerica’s air defense solutions offer intuitive user interfaces, sensor control and optimization capabilities, field integration and test support.

Missile Defense

With advanced algorithms deployed in some of the most critical defense systems around the world, Numerica’s technology operates at the very heart of the Ballistic Missile Defense System. We leverage our state-of-the-art algorithms in estimation, probability, optimization and multi-sensor/multi-target tracking theory to address complex and evolving threats.

Space Domain Awareness

A leader in space domain awareness, Numerica operates a worldwide telescope network to help protect government and commercial satellites from hazards and threats. Offering real-time data products for decision support, Numerica fuses third-party optical, radar, and passive-RF measurements, and tracks objects in geosynchronous orbit during daylight using small telescopes.

Numerica's Innovative


Numerica’s world-class scientists, engineers and software architects deliver state-of-the-art technology. We provide new levels of actionable information to decision makers, and our advanced algorithms and software are deployed in systems around the world.